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04.10.13...How can it already be April? It's been a good year thus far, a good amount of precipitation in Watkins. We're so far behind on the website, I'm just going to jump in and move forward from here. 

Thank you for stopping by the farm. For many current photos, look for Illusions Farm on Facebook.

"Windsong April Aria"...Click on Aria's photo, below, to go directly to her page.

02.27.13 - Aria at 8 years old


A brief history: the farm was established in 2003, the first foals arrived a few years later, in 2007. Emphasis is placed on breeding superior "western type"  Arabian athletes that, more often than not, express the sabino gene.

This elusive and uncommon gene occasionally produces a purebred Arabian with "pinto" markings. Some common indicators are: apron blazes, lower lip and chin white, high white on legs, belly and body spots, and disconnected white. Leg markings are jagged or lacey. Glass eyes can occur, and human eyes are common.

These beautiful Arabians attract attention everywhere they go. Purebred sabino Arabians are showing successfully in a variety of disciplines and at all levels, Local, Regional, and National. Watch for them at a show near you....they'll be hard to miss!

The farm is located in Watkins, Colorado.