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04.07.13...Doug's out on lease with Michelle & Wayne, in Parker, Colorado. Have fun!

Rest in peace Joey.  03.29.93 - 01.10.13  Now you're always in the best of company, forever.

01.01.13...Happy New Year! Vyah Con Dios!


12.27.12...Goodbye "IF Meet Virginia", and Merry Christmas to Jessi Z in Arizona!

09.29.12...Congratulations Meryl! Thanks for providing a safe and loving home for Danica AA.

07.14.12...Dani is out on lease with Meryl in Elbert, Colorado. If you are interested in a local "lease-to-own" on any Illusions Farm horse, contact us.

06.05.12..."IF Heza Heartbreaker" - Zipper - Reba foaled a super cool colt! Just after 1 AM...more to follow in the days ahead.

05.10.12..."Khlassic Jewel" has a great new home and a new career. Congratulations Michelle!


12.07.11..."Khlassic Jewel", Julia has come back to Watkins. She's in residence at J Bar 4 Ranch, along with her good friend Doug, "IF Double Vision".

11.06.11...SF Cowboys Genesis, "Sis" moved to Elbert, Colorado today. Have fun Meryl!

09.04.11...Due to a couple of unexpected circumstances, Danica AA is now IF Meet Virginia's new best friend and "room" mate.

08.13.11...Walked Reba and Virginia home today. It's good to have them home!

07.31.11...Walked Rita home this morning and so Virginia was weaned today. A couple days short of 5 months old. Everybody is doing great.

07.28.11...Zee's Reba has been confirmed in foal to Janice Green's stallion, Legend of Rajah. The foal will be Colorado's Breeder Cup eligible, Sweepstakes nominated and one helluva reining, working western, versatility, cow horse prospect! Go to Reba's page for updates.

06.17.11...Mixed good and bad news. Bad news is that Doug - IF Double Vision - underwent emergency colic surgery at CSU on June 13th. Good news is that Doug is a rockstar! He came back to Watkins today and will be recuperating at J Bar 4 Ranch.

06.04.11...Khlassic Jewel (Julia) has been sold and will be going under saddle right away. Watch her page (click here) for updates.

04.29.11...Heather did it! She is the proud new owner of WS Very Superstitious...wonder if he knows how lucky he is?

04.01.11... IF Double Vision, (Doug) has moved up to the Double D Ranch in Fort Lupton. His life is changed forever. Training under saddle with Lisette Zandvoort of LZ Horse Training
Check his page for progress updates!

03.02.11...Rita finally foaled!  IF Meet Virginia was born at 01.15 this morning. This gorgeous bay filly was well worth the wait. Textbook birth for both and both doing fantastic.

01.16.11...Walked Rita up the road to J Bar 4. She'll foal up there this time. Thanks Janice!

01.01.11...Welcome to a peaceful and prosperous new year. May none of us ever see one the likes of 2010 again.. Maybe it has made us stronger and maybe a bit wiser.


07.30.10...SF Cowboys Genesis (better known as Sis) is back home in Watkins. She's just come off of 10 months of professional reining training at LZ Horse Training in Loveland. She is for sale! Come on out and give her a spin...

Tricia was euthanized 06.24.10, due to a severe colic. Losing her changes everything.

06.14.10...WS Very Superstitious left for Maine this afternoon. Check back for updates.

05.05.10...Zees Reba has joined the broodmare band. This gorgeous 13 year old mare is one of the youngest Xenophonn daughters. Reba will be a major contributor to our working western and reining program for many years.

04.06.10...Rita (Dream River) is in foal! This will be WS Very Superstitious' first foal and Rita's third. Watch her page for updates.

01.01.10...Happy new year and new decade to everyone everywhere. Change is in the air. "The way out is through the open door".


12.21.09...Stitch's book for 2010 is going to be very limited. He'll be training and conditioning for endurance next summer. Check his page for updates! 

10.17.09...My 16 year old gelding Joey came home today. He's been boarded right up the road at J Bar 4 Ranch since 06.15.98. Over 11 years ago... Thanks, Janice Green for your help and for taking care of my friend. Looking forward to seeing Joey every day again.

10.01.09...SF Cowboys Genesis, "Sis" for short, is going down to start her show career. She'll be with Lisette at LZHorseTraining.com. Check her page for progress updates!

09.19.09...IF Sweet Baby James and IF Walk This Way, will be making the long trip north to Montana in a few days. Congratulations and best of luck to the Miner family.

07.17.09...IF Call Me Al left today for his new home in Texas. Click on his name to go to his page for updates. Good luck to Geri and Al!

07.15.09...Stitch is back home again. The mares are all intrigued.

06.05.09..."SF Cowboys Genesis", aka Sis, has joined the herd. Click on her name for her webpage. She'll be going in for reiner training this fall.

05.12.09...Stitch attended his first Class A Show this past Friday...He came home with a blue ribbon in his class! Sport Horse In-Hand - Stallions. See his page for new photos and details... CONGRATS to Stitch and LZ!

02.18.09...Stitch has returned to professional training, this time with Lisette Zandvoort at www.lzhorsetraining.com. A special thanks to Janice Green, owner of J-Bar-4 Ranch, for allowing this to happen.

01.30.09...Larry has found a great new family and home in Nebraska! Best wishes go out to the Snyder family.

01.01.09...Wishing my friends, neighbors, and patrons of Illusions Farm the best in 2009.  Keep checking back, lots of projects planned for the upcoming year.


10.31.08...WS Very Superstitious is home again. Appropriately on Halloween.

10.19.08...Weaning Day at Illusions Farm. Cecilia had a very hard time of it...while Waylon didn't seem to mind at all.

10.05.08...TR Packa Pretty Punch   just keeps winning! Finished up the CAHC Fall Show today. Check her page for results.

09.15.08...Windsong Fadlago (aka Larry) goes under saddle training with Lisette at www.LZHorseTraining.com today. Two years ago today Lisette started Tricia under saddle. That has, and continues to be, a huge success... Will Larry follow in that tradition? Go to his page here, to follow his progress.

08.15.08...Stitch is now available to the public for breeding. 

08.10.08...Tricia is back from SD. A little earlier than planned, but all the the better to prepare for the upcoming CAHC Fall Show. She will be showing in Junior Reining Horse. Watch for her there.

08.08.08...Andi has gone to start her new life in Kansas. Congratulations to the Riffel family!

07.20.08... Not much going on, just hot and dry weather. Global warming again. Maybe that's the reason neither mare that was bred settled in foal. No foals at Illusions Farm in 2009. But that will give me the opportunity to ride and show Tricia all the more in 2009!

06.15.08...Tricia left this morning for Summer Camp! She and trainer Lisette Zandvoort are traveling to South Dakota to study and learn under the tutelage of the reknown working western and reining trainer, Don Ulmer. Part of the ongoing program to educate and expose Tricia to new and different experiences. Tricia will be started on cattle as well as continue her reining training. It will be a long three months without the little red horse...but watchout in the fall!  She'll be back and showing at the CAHC Fall Show in early October.

06.05.08...Region 8 Championship Show 2008...UPDATE!!  TR Packa Pretty Punch, my little Tricia, just keeps on winning.   2008 CHAMPION Purebred Junior Reining Horse!          Click on her name to go to her page for new photos.

06.01.08...Marla came home today, I just couldn't resist. I just had to have this mare. Her registered name is Rhapsody In Bey. Click on her name to go to her page and you'll see why I fell in love with her.

05.29.08...Vu had a big chestnut colt at 10:45 tonight! She picked a perfectly calm and mild night. Dam and foal doing just fine. This flashy, leggy, smooth moving colt is named for my favorite Aerosmith song,  IF Walk This Way, his barn name is Waylon. Click on his name to go to his page for photos and more information.

05.16.08...Rita had a filly this morning!  Early, around 0100 or 0200. The donkey started braying around 0300, that's what woke me up. I raced to look out a north window. The filly was ripping around in the pen!  A pretty little replica of her beautiful dam, her name will be IF Oh Cecilia. Click on her name to go to her page.

05.11.08...A very long 3 day weekend at the CAHC Spring Show. TR Packa Pretty Punch continues her winning ways! Lisette Zandvoort was up again, and rode Tricia to a first place win in the Junior Horse reining Class on Friday night, with a score of 62.5. (Just don't tell Tricia she was the only horse in the class.)                                                                       Sunday morning was the Reining Horse Championship and Tricia/Lisette placed a very respectable fourth with a score of 63.5. We could not be more pleased with this little mare at only her second show...Next Stop...Region 8 in June.

04.01.08...WS Very Superstitious is back with Manny at Beltran Training in Elizabeth, Colorado. Stitch was in residence at Beltran Training for 3 months in 2006, where he was taught basic skills and appropriate manners. This time around he'll be started under saddle and then we will determine where his interests lie. Click on his name to see photos. This is gonna be FUN!