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Danica AA...AHR #653184...Bay Filly...05.19.11...SOLD...

Updated...09.29.12...Dani is sold! Congratulations Meryl, and thank you for providing such a super home! Following are a few photos of Dani and friends. Meryl ponies this sweet filly just about everywhere she goes.

09.23.12 - Dani & Jenny at the Greenland Open Space

09.23.12 - sure-footed Dani

09.23.12 - Endurance prospect in training!

Updated...07.15.12...Dani is out on a short lease, and is not currently available. Check back here often for updates.

07.14.12 - Dani with Jenny and Talyn

Dancing Psytation (AHR 654654) X Dancing Elaine (AHR 596154)
Dani came to Illusions Farm at the perfect time for all of us. I was looking for a foal to live with my just weaned filly Virginia, and Dani had just lost her dam to colic. Thank you to the Murphys' at Arrowhead Arabians for making this such an easy transition and thank you even more for this charming filly.

07.07.12 - Dani wearing a Virginia boa

07.07.12 - beautiful & sweet


11.19.11 - six months old today

10.12.11 - pretty

09.22.11 - love this face

09.04.11 - Danica AA