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This page is dedicated to the individuals who truly believe that horses, Arabians in particular, are the most beautiful of all God's creations. While normally we share that belief, we felt that we needed to point out...pretty is as pretty does. This page will show just a little bit of the weirdness that goes on around here. The secret life of horses.

05.16.11 - guess who

05.01.11 - Aria's crazed llama look.

03.07.11 - Virginia, the llama look!

01.22.11 - Cecilia's llama face


12.12.10 - Aria is displeased

10.17.10 - Rita...so that's where Cecilia gets that.

10.10.10 - Stitch being Stitch

05.07.10 Cecilia hasn't changed

04.10.10 Stitch...too late for the vet?

03.01.10 Aria...filly goat gruff

02.01.10 Cecilia..good thing it isn't raining.


10.12.09 Not a love bite

10.12.09 Doug, Rita, and Cecilia.