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Around The Farm 2016

Illusions Farm is home to a variety of treasured, talented and beautiful Arabian mares. All were carefully selected for their Arabian type, gentle dispositions, beauty, and a decidedly "western" way of going. The majority of the mares express the sabino and/or rabicano genes, some have produced sabinos, and others have the potential of producing color based on their lineage. The emphasis and focus of the IF breeding program is to produce colorful foals that will excel in all the Western disciplines, reining, working western, trail and pleasure. 

To meet the mares individually, please click on their names to the left. Apache Dancer is the oldest...down to the youngest, IF Meet Virginia.

09.11.11 - Anna, Rita, Cecilia

03.02.11 - Virginia, Day 1


10.17.10 - Rita and Cecilia


07.19.09 Rita and 2008 filly, Cecilia

06.12.09 Aria & Sis




04.05.08  From left to right, Anna, Julia, and Aria